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Songs to add to your fall playlist

As the summer is officially over and today is the first day of fall, people may need new songs to add to their playlist for their window down drives. Car rides can be relaxing, especially with this weather, and some new songs to add to a playlist can make it even better. Scan the codes on the side to listen to these songs to see if they may just be your new favorite car ride jam.


“Cigarette Daydreams”

This song by Cage the Elephant is the perfect song to make you want to find answers to the questions of the universe. The lyrics make you think of all the things that have happened in your life: the good, the bad and the ugly.



Written by The Head and the Heart, this song makes you realize all the things you have taken for granted. During this season of Thanksgiving, sit down and really listen to the lyrics and find the parts of life that you are grateful for.


“Pink + White”

Remembering ones you’ve lost can be hard, but this song by Frank Ocean focuses on the memories you have with them. Use this time to be grateful for who and what you have and reminisce on all the memories you have with people who are and aren’t still in your life. 


“Corduroy Dreams”

Rex Orange County captures how it feels to like someone so much that you always think about them and want what’s best for them. During this season of scary movies, pumpkin patches and haunted houses, think about who you want to spend time and make memories with.


“20 Something”

Although you aren’t “20 Something,” you can still relate to this Sza song. As she sings about someone leaving her and trying to figure about these years of her life, think about what’s been happening this past year. See how much you have changed and decide how you want these next few months to look.


These songs may not be new, but they are worth adding to your fall playlist. After listening to the songs, tweet @WHSAdvocate and tell us which one is your favorite.