From Captivity to Community

The Washington movie theater brings people together with drive-in movies


Photo by Bobbie Morrison

A picture of the movie screen at Cinema 1 Plus shows the setup for their drive-in movies. “The environment was so wholesome,” junior Cecilia Tornetto said. “It always made my day and was a great time.”

At this time in our lives, countless people feel unsure and curious of what the future holds. We are truly living out history. In the midst of all this chaos, the Washington movie theater, Cinema 1 Plus, took the time to try and put ease to our racing minds and bring some fun and normalcy to our lives again.

“I have seen one drive-in movie at the theater,” junior Will Lingle said. “It gave me something to do. A lot of things were closed, so it was a way to get out of the house and have a good time.”

To many people, being able to attend a movie was an exciting chance to finally be able to do something after weeks of quarantine. But for some, it was more than that.

“Quarantine for me personally was really difficult,” junior Cecilia Tornetto said. “It may sound silly, but the drive-ins did a lot for me and my family.”

Not only did it give people an opportunity to try and get back to normal, everyday life, but it also brought back the fun and excitement that the movie theater gives to so many.

“Everybody loves a good movie,” Lingle said. “With the inside of the theater shut down, I think it was awesome to implement a drive-in. Everyone seemed to have a good time.”

With the drive-in being available to everyone, many people still want to feel safe in these unsure times, and that is what the movie theater strove to do.

“When the movie theater started doing drive-ins, I knew me and my family had to go,” Tornetto said. “We were able to stay safe and distanced, yet also have fun. It was so nice to just pack up the car with snacks and blankets and go and enjoy a good movie.”

With Cinema 1 Plus bringing this new addition to the theater, it has affected and brought joy to many during this harsh, difficult time. Many have and will continue to thrive in the special and thoughtful place they have provided for the town of Washington.

“It’s really awesome,” Lingle said. “It’s done the community a lot of good and is definitely worth a shot going to.”