Student section will have new look, new name


Photo by Emma Hillermann

Senior Grace Hoerstkamp cheers on the Blue Jays at the football game against Liberty High School Friday, Oct. 1 at Scanlan Stadium. “My goal with the student section is to make it the best student section ever and to see the students having a blast,” senior Kaleb Briggs said. The Blue Jays defeated the Eagles 28-21.

The new school year came with many changes and challenges. There are new rules in place in and out of the classroom, as well as at the extracurricular activities. One of the biggest changes was with the student section at sporting events. The leaders also chose a new name to represent the 2020-2021 student section: “Jim’s Garage.” Although the name hasn’t been put to use yet, as large groups have been prohibited at the games, a new change is on the way. 

So far with fall sports, we have been collecting tickets from players who may not need all of them, and giving them to our students who want to support our student athletes and get in to watch the games,” senior Emma Duncan said. “This way, there are hardly any tickets that are going to waste, and students can support other students.”

Since the protocols for holding fall sports were released, student section leaders have fought to be able to come out for the games.

“I understand why they want to keep it limited,” senior Kaleb Briggs said. “However, I just don’t understand how Borgia is able to have ultimately the whole town of Washington and as many students as they want, while at Washington it’s limited.”

After many requests from students and parents, the high school decided to begin making changes to game restrictions and allow student sections at home games.

That’s been our hope since day one, to just get as many students involved as we can to help us create a positive environment for our student athletes–letting them know we are there to support them, all while getting hype and creating our own fun out of it with themes and chanting, of course,” Duncan said. 

Along with all the restrictions put on the student section, the leaders decided to make one more change: renaming the student section from “Sixth Man” to “Jim’s Garage.”

“That’s the name of the football field. It’s named after Jim Scanlan, so I think that’s where we got Jim from,” senior Calvin Straatmann said. 

The name “Jim’s Garage” was recycled from a name for the student section from previous years.

We picked the name because we wanted to somehow let the alumni know they still matter at WHS and they aren’t forgotten,” Duncan said. “Last year we actually had some alumni request that as a ‘blast from the past,’ whoever took charge next should change it to be Jim’s Garage again.”

Jim’s Garage is set to have its first official student section at the football game on Friday, Oct. 2, which has the leaders optimistic.

“We haven’t really had [a student section] yet,” Straatmann said. “I hope it’s huge [once students are allowed]. You guys better be there once we have one.”

Juniors and seniors were allowed to sign up to attend the game and 50 names were drawn to receive tickets.

“I’m just going to say we may be limited to 50 people,” Briggs said, “but I promise that you will be able to hear us loud and clear.”