Where does media bias cross the line?

If you have social media and follow President Donald Trump, you will often see tweets about fake news. You can see both sides of the political spectrum agree that news corporations typically have bias to one side or the other to a degree. When does showing favoritism to one side cross the line, though?

It is difficult to say, at least during the current Trump Administration. Showing favoritism to one side is common now simply because of how polarized the political parties are. However, two news corporations separate themselves as the most biased. Fox News and CNN might possibly be the most polar opposite of news corporations that have ever coexisted in the U.S. Fox News, being conservative, and CNN, being liberal, have both been accused of being overly favoring those on their side of the political spectrum. 

Both corporations are relied on for news and you will often find it as a way to divide America even more. When news is delivered in a biased way, the people receiving it will start to pick up on that bias and perceive it as the news. They will start to see that bias as the whole truth. The main problem is when the bias is delivered while news is delivered. However, this bias is less obvious than the bias that emits from the daily talk shows on each channel.

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News most notably have talk shows on politics that have an absurd amount of bias. If you are watching CNN or MSNBC, you will learn how President Trump is the worst president in the history of this country. However, on Fox News, he is the greatest political leader of all time. This gap in opinions perfectly displays American politics and how divided it currently is. Recently, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice. This was controversially done about a week before an election, which has never been done before. The confirmation was done along party lines as only the senators of the Republican party voted in favor of her. Liberal media made sure to express how inappropriate they believed this to be by President Trump and the Senate to nominate and confirm her. The Conservative media in contrast stated how they believed Barrett was rightfully nominated. These opinions can be used to persuade people to have a certain political belief.

Overall, it is impossible to tell the exact impact media bias causes to those that receive it. However, it is a fair assumption that those opinions shown in the news have a persuading impact. The news should be unbiased when presented, which is currently not being done to an extent, in order to allow the public to create their own opinions based on their personal values. Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon should not make your decisions on politics. You should.