Spooky spots around Washington

Halloween brings about a creepy, frightful feeling for many people. Some go to haunted houses and some just dress up as their favorite scary character. But, did you ever think about haunted places, nearby or even in our surrounding towns?

Boondocker Inn – New Haven 

At the Boondocker Inn, many complain about hearing odd sounds, random temperature droppings and seeing ghosts when they were there. Many state that they have seen a little girl playing.

Harney Mansion – Sullivan 

People who have visited this mansion claim that there have been pictures taken and a ghostly-looking face was captured. When investigated, the investigators said they heard weird things and were touched. People also said they often see figures moving past the windows.

Elijah McLean’s Restaurant – Washington 

Elijah McLean originally built this as his house in 1839, and when it was finished, he and his wife moved in. His wife ended up passing away there, and when he got married a second time, that wife passed away there as well. Many have shared that they see shadows, hear unexplained noises and just have weird experiences there. Some say they just get a feeling before they even walk through the doors.

Enoch Knobs Bridge – New Haven 

It is claimed that when crossing this bridge, if someone blinks their lights and honks their horn, the car will turn off and will not start. People say that there have been several ghost-like experiences here. The history of this bridge goes back to an old urban legend that there have been many suicidal deaths at the bridge.

Old Highway 100 – Villa Ridge

This highway has been said to be haunted for years, but there is a story behind it. Many say that there was a hitchhiker trying to get a ride to a truck stop one night. Someone pulled over and gave him a ride, but the hitchhiker died that night when he was picked up. Now, people have said that there will be a man hitchhiking when they are driving on Old Highway 100 at night, and when they stop to pick him up, he asks to be dropped off at the nearest truck stop. He quickly vanished before they were able to drop him off. 

These are just some of the supposedly haunted places around Washington. Whether you believe them or not, they still might send shivers down your spine. Be sure to check these places out this season if you are looking for a spooky spot to visit.