How to watch horror movies if you’re a scaredy cat

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

If you’re anything like me and hate horror movies, then you may find yourself dreading the month of Halloween because of the abundance of horror movie showings. I mean there’s literally 12 movies named after the holiday. You may or may not be forced into trying to watch some of these terrifying movies, but there are some things you can do to make the “mandatory” scary movie watching more bearable.

Find a genre that you least hate

There are many genres of horror movies, some more gruesome than others. By finding what you don’t like about the horror movies, whether it be the gore, jump scares or crazy killers, you will be able to find other horror movies that don’t have those aspects and see if you enjoy those more.

Try some old movies

Older horror movies tend to be less scary, at least for me, solely based on the fact that they didn’t have the technology they do now to make the death scenes realistic looking. If the deaths don’t look real, it’s a lot easier to be able to make fun of the movie, and you can focus more on berating the characters for doing the almost painfully obvious thing that’s going to get them killed.

Watch them with friends

Having a group of friends to watch horror movies with is a good idea if you don’t find the idea of sitting alone in the dark watching the newest horror movie on Netflix a good idea. With friends, it’s easier to have a good time watching a not-so-good scary movie.

Actively be doing something else

If you’re not fully paying attention to the horror movie and concentrating on another task, then you won’t have to put all of your awareness into watching the horror movie. By busying yourself with another small thing, you can easily concentrate on that when a particularly scary part is playing on your TV.

Watch them during the day

By watching these movies in the morning or afternoon, you’re less likely to get creeped out while there are birds outside and sunlight is coming in through a window. If it’s a nice day outside, you won’t have to worry about if you’re going to soon be in a horror movie of your own.

If all else fails during this Halloween season, and you’re still terrified of any and all horror movies because scary movies just aren’t your thing, there’s nothing to worry about. There are loads of non-scary Halloween movies out there to watch, and there’s nothing wrong with the classic “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”