The pros of hybrid learning

There are so many negatives to hybrid learning, and we talk about them constantly. But I have actually been able to appreciate some aspects of the schedule change.

I’m a fairly social person, but most of my friends graduated last year. I have never looked forward to the social aspect of school, so less in-class time is really no loss to me. I have also always taken on a more independent learning style. I prefer getting my work done at home rather than in a classroom. I like that with hybrid, as I can control my schedule. I love working from the comfort of my own bedroom, and I’m able to complete my work in a fraction of the time it takes in class.

I understand that plenty of my classmates struggle with motivation during online school, and I do to sometimes. However, I’ve learned to wait to do things I enjoy until after my school work is done. I also try to stay off social media and designate times for just school.

I also think this learning schedule has helped me learn time management and prepare for college. Of course, I’m very upset that I can’t participate in activities like I normally would, especially because it’s my senior year. But the actual learning part of hybrid hasn’t bothered me as much as one might think. I think all these recent changes have forced me to focus on the positive side of things, and I’m grateful for that.