WHS theater students perform at East Central College

Although many events have been canceled so far this school year due to COVID-19, some WHS students have discovered new opportunities to participate in the activities they enjoy. This year for Halloween, several theater students were able to perform in a production at East Central College.

Senior Kaylie Rowe poses for a photo alongside other performers at East Central College. “Overall, it was a super fun time and I hope it allowed me to make my name known for next year,” Rowe said. Rowe plans to be involved in theater at ECC when she attends school there next year. Photo submitted by Kaylie Rowe

“I was one of the Wanderers, which basically means I was stationed at one spot and supposed to be scary…” junior Ella Scott said. “One of the ECC Theater directors reached out to Ms. Holtmeier…and asked if there were any theater kids who would be willing to be a part of their Halloween event, and I didn’t want to turn down any chance to do theater this year.”

Students who participated were required to be completely independent and ready to work.

“Partnering with ECC…taught me that you are in charge of yourself,” senior Kaylie Rowe said. “For example, me and the group from WHS were given information and times, and it was up to us to make sure we were where we needed to be every night. Lines had to be memorized on our own, and we had to keep track of our costume, makeup and props.”

Participants also had the opportunity to learn new skills during the experience.

“…I learned more about stepping outside of your comfort zone,” Scott said. “Scaring people is not something I’m particularly comfortable with, so this was way outside my element, but I still had fun.”

Overall, students were able to have a good time while still learning more about theater. 

“My favorite part of the experience was being able to meet new people that I will hopefully be able to become closer friends with next year when I attend ECC,” Rowe said.

Although the theater program at WHS has been unable to put on a production with the COVID-19 restrictions, finding a new way to enjoy this activity has been a fun experience.

“I’m just happy I was able to do something I enjoy with my theater friends,” Scott said. “We were so sad when the spring play was canceled, and with all the COVID restrictions, it’s been difficult to make plans to do anything, so I was just happy to be able to be with my theater people.”