Vogue Creates Controversy

Harry Styles poses for a photoshoot.

Photo Courtesy of NPR St. Louis Public Radio

Harry Styles poses for a photoshoot.

Last Friday, Nov. 13, Vogue released its new magazine featuring Harry Styles on the cover. As a Harry Styles fan myself, I was ecstatic to see him being featured and being the first-ever solo man to appear on the cover of Vogue. However, this image has stirred up quite the controversy due to Styles appearing on the cover wearing a dress. 

Many are saying that it is not right for a male to be wearing a dress that is intended for women and that they are offended by the image. I, however, support Styles and believe that it is a statement to be featured as the first solo male on Vogue and to appear so in such a bold way. 

I think others need to praise Styles for being the first solo male to appear in the magazine, rather than bash him for what he is wearing. When it comes down to it, if that is what Styles supports and the message he wants to share, then he should be supported for his opinion. Even if you disagree, why stir up such controversy over it? 

Vogue is known for their bold and unique fashion styles. They are always pushing the envelope to see what new fashion trends they can bring to the table. It is their job to introduce new fashion ideas to us, and it should be our job to be more open-minded to the way fashion is shifting.