Stay Clean

How to prevent the spread of COVID and stay healthy

With COVID cases on the rise, the need to stay healthy is becoming even more important during this pandemic.

Here is reminder of what to do to decrease the spread of COVID.

Wash your hands.

While this seems like a simple task, many people forget how effective this can be. You should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using the bathroom, touch an object like a door that other people have touch or even just after being in a public place. This may not stop you from getting COVID, but it can decrease the risk.

Wear your mask correctly.

If your mask is not covering your nose and mouth, then you’re not wearing it correctly. Just because you are tired of wearing a mask doesn’t mean you get to leave it at home. Be smart and considerate of those around you and keep your mask on correctly until you are in your car or at home.

Don’t leave the house if you have come in contact with someone who has COVID.

This seems simple, but some people believe they don’t have to quarantine because they don’t have symptoms. This is false and you should quarantine the the amount of days the health department tells you, which is 14 days from your exposure.

Keep yourself healthy.

We are in a pandemic, but there are still other illnesses that you have to be careful of. Try to get fresh air while practicing social distancing, eat healthy and stay safe during these hard times.