PDA has become normalized in high schools, making others uncomfortable

With where we are in the world today, the majority of us have come to the reality we have naturally started to keep our distance. With advertisements everywhere you go stating to stay six feet apart and social distance, we are not left with much choice.

Something that has not changed, not only in the high school but even at a local grocery store, is something that we call the public display of affection, also known as PDA. Every high schooler is going to have their own opinion on the subject, and that may depend on if they are in a relationship or not.

Couples, or even crushes, in the hallways with each other are causing a disturbance to other students and staff, just for a small little goodbye before they part ways for the school day or for their next class. With this disturbance, there is also the six feet social distancing rule that is being broken. Unless you live with your significant other for some reason at the high school level, you technically should not be within six feet of them for the safety of you and your family.

On a level that isn’t COVID-19 related, PDA is something that many people frown upon. Although everyone has their different beliefs, I am one who believes that affection is something that really only needs to be shown in close quarters. Being in a relationship is something that is private to you and your significant other, so you can get to know one another over the course of your relationship.

So, if you are one that believes PDA is acceptable to do in public, coming from a standpoint of someone who doesn’t think it is necessary, I am curious as to ask of why you feel the need to show your affection in public in front of others rather than in private, confined space. Does it give you a sense of confidence? A rush of adrenaline? Giggly butterflies?

Personally, I think that we have come to a point where some have normalized PDA, and I am one who believes that this should be changed. There is no need to display affection in public rather than in a private, more meaningful manor. If you are displaying PDA for any of the reasons listed above, there are plenty of other ways to fill those voids in your life that were once filled by the ‘joy’ of PDA.