Keeping Up Traditions

WHS Students share their holiday traditions


Photo Submitted by Natalie Nothum

Natalie Nothum poses with her mom after picking out their Christmas tree. “I love seeing all the homemade ornaments with all my siblings’ names on it every year,” Nothum said. Nothum got her Christmas tree in Kirkwood this year.

The holiday season is full of happiness and traditions. For these WHS students, it wouldn’t be the holidays unless they upheld their traditions.

Senior Paige Robinson-

“My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with our family friends on the night of Christmas Eve and eating so much food and staying up super late watching movies.”




Senior Natalie Nothum-

“Every year, me and my parents go to find the perfect Christmas tree at Lowe’s. Me and my mom are pretty picky so it takes us a while. Then we go home [and] put it up in the stand, and then we usually decorate it the next day. Decorating the tree is my favorite Christmas tradition.”


Senior Delaney Siefken-

“Every year, we take the most awkward family photos before we open presents, and some years we use props.”


Senior Kayla Niemeyer-

“My favorite Christmas tradition is setting up the Christmas tree with my mom. This year we did a tree reflecting on the past Christmases since this year was not the greatest.”

Senior Chandler Donovan-

“One of my favorite Christmas traditions is on Christmas Eve we have a Christmas program with my family, and at the end we all get matching PJs.”


During this season of giving and joy, remember to find happiness in the little things. Yearly traditions of decorating a Christmas tree, baking cookies or watching movies can make a difficult year like 2020 seem a little better.