School District of Washington secondary students to return full time


Photo Courtesy of the School District of Washington

The School District of Washington announces on their website that they are transitioning to scenario one.

Recently the school board of the School District of Washington voted to move to scenario one, which will move all students back into school for five days a week, starting on Feb. 16. The decision has caused mixed reactions from students, staff and parents.

Some of the most common pros of the decision are that many students will get to merge with their friends from the other day, teachers will be able to move twice as fast with curriculum and it will be easier on parents.

However, there are many cons as well, such as most classrooms will no longer have space to follow social distancing guidelines, the hallways will be twice as packed as before, as will the lunch rooms. Starting this week, students will no longer have to quarantine due to a close contact with someone who tested positive if both parties were properly wearing a mask at the point of contact.

Some students like, senior Louis Paule, are excited for the change in scheduling.

“I feel that going back five day will allow the students to have more one-on-one time with teachers,” Paule said. “I will have more time at school to do things and talk to my teachers more.”

While some students and teachers are excited for students to come back, other aren’t.

“[I am] worried about congestion in the hallways, teachers not having vaccines and having full classrooms,” special education teacher Angie Schuttenberg said. “But most of all I’m worried about myself catching it and spreading it to my dad, who will not have a good chance of surviving it if he gets it.”

Lots of questions and worries will be worked out in the next few weeks, but the SDOW hopes to do the best that they can to stay safe from the virus and that everything will work out for the best.