COVID changes Courtwarming


Photo by Natalie Nothum

Students cheer on the basketball team earlier this season.

COVID-19 has changed almost everything about the world we live in. Masks, social distancing and no large group gatherings makes it hard for parts of our society to function. One of those things is schooling. More specifically, the fun events through the year that students look forward to. One of the events at Washington High School students look forward to is the winter dance following the Courtwarming basketball game. 

Courtwarming takes place just like Homecoming, just with basketball rather than football. The whole week leading up to the Courtwarming game there are spirit days and fundraisers going on. Then, at the end of the week, students gather together in the gym to cheer on the team and flood into the Little Gym to dance the night away. 

However, due to COVID, these events and milestones seem impossible to experience. Although at this time the Courtwarming dance has been canceled and the number of fans at the game has been limited, the Leadership class is working hard to make Courtwarming week just as fun and enjoyable as years in the past. 

The leadership team has decided upon a circus theme so students can still dress up for spirit days and the halls and gym can still be filled with fun decorations. Even though there is no dance, there will still be a Courtwarming court that will be announced at halftime of the game. Therefore, students are still able to vote for who they want to be crowned as their king and queen for Courtwarming.

Despite the unfortunate changes, students and staff are working hard to make this Courtwarming season just as enjoyable while hoping next year can return to normal.