Planet Fitness opens in Washington


Photo Courtesy of Planet Fitness

The Planet Fitness Washington location opened around the start of the new year. “Before this year, I had a membership at the YMCA, but I didn’t work out very often,” junior Lydia Maune said. “I decided to switch over because this gym is closer to my house and a lot cheaper.” The gym is located on Rabbit Trail Drive across from the movie theater.

As the new year rolled in, the usual resolutions to get in shape, stay active and eat healthier motivated many in Washington to take on a healthier lifestyle. Planet Fitness opened right away in January to accommodate these inspired athletes. 

“I started going to Planet Fitness at the beginning of 2021 because I wanted new goals,” junior Lydia Maune said. 

The gym, located next to Cinema1 Plus movie theater, offered a $10 per month fee for all who wanted to work out in the new year as a special deal.

“Before Planet Fitness, I used to work out at the YMCA because I used their gyms to practice,” senior Delaney Siefken said. “I started going to Planet Fitness just a few days after it opened. I heard about it through a friend that I used to work out with almost every day.”

Located right in the middle of Washington, the large space is a convenient spot for residents to get in their workout.

“I decided to switch over [to Planet Fitness] because this gym is closer to my house and a lot cheaper,” Maune said. 

Staying true to its promise of a judgement-free gym, the equipment features QR codes that link to videos on how to use each machine and pictures on complex machines explain the movements. 

“I enjoy Planet Fitness because it is a welcoming place for beginners, like me,” Maune said. “They seem to have every piece of equipment you can imagine and different rooms for different workouts.”

Unique to many businesses in Washington, Planet Fitness works around the clock for early morning risers or late night runners to get in their exercise, making it a popular spot in town.

“I like Planet Fitness because they are open 24/7,” Siefken said. “Sometimes I will get off work at midnight and decide to go for a run, and with Planet Fitness, I’m able to do that.”