Staying organized with bullet journaling


Photo Courtesy of Jaden Eckelkamp

Senior Jaden Eckelkamp uses Instagram to keep track of her progress with her bullet journal.

There are many different ways for students to keep themselves organized, and senior Jaden Eckelkamp does this by bullet journaling. Having a bullet journal helps with organizing things like scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming and other tasks that can be kept in a notebook. Bullet journaling can help people to keep track of their goals and stay up-to-date with their daily tasks, and it’s also a great way to let yourself be creative and help to improve different skills.

“It helped me to improve my handwriting and was a stress reliever,” Eckelkamp said. “It also helped me to kind of realize what was on my mind [like] romance, anger [or] happiness because that’s what was inspiring what I wrote or drew.”

There are many different reasons why keeping a bullet journal is helpful. Not only does it help keep people organized, but it is also a way to develop and hone new skills and ideas. By keeping a bullet journal, people can get in a headspace to be more creative in their journaling and their day-to-day lives as well.

“The benefits are handwriting improvement, [it] helps me stay organized because I do my planner in my journal and is a way to spend time off my phone,” Eckelkamp said.

Getting a bullet journal is perhaps the obvious first step to becoming more organized, but the task of keeping up with it all can sometimes be daunting.

“Don’t be intimidated by the number of eraser marks, squiggly lines or half-finished pages when you first start. Everyone starts there,” Eckelkamp said. “I started bullet journaling in seventh grade but started really spending time on it my freshman year, and you’ll get better with practice.”

Some motivation to keep on track is to find different tools that you enjoy to use with bullet journaling.

“I love, love, love brush pens, especially Faber-Castell, different weights of black pens,” Eckelkamp said, “and of course your good old pencil and eraser.”