WHS sophomore competes on ice


Photo Courtesy of Maci Rohlfing

Sophomore Maci Rohlfing battles for possession during one of her hockey matches. “I love how rough and fast-paced hockey is,” Rohlfing said. Rohlfing plays right wing for the Chesterfield Falcons ice hockey team.

Along with all the sports offered at the high school, students may choose to join a club sport to get the chance to play at a higher level or try something new. One such student seized this opportunity to skate across the ice over the winter. 

“I play for the Chesterfield Falcons, and I will also be trying out for a high school team in August,” right wing sophomore Maci Rohlfing said. 

Rohlfing was introduced to the sport from a young age and found an immediate passion for the game.

“I come from a big hockey family and have wanted to play as long as I can remember,” Rohlfing said. “My dad coaches Marquette High School’s team along with a few other teams and my brother plays. After being around the sport so much, I finally decided to also start playing, and it’s been my best decision yet.”

Growing up on the rink along with her family, Rohlfing quickly became a skilled player and a chief asset to her team. The Falcons’ latest season was very successful, putting them at a high state ranking.

“The most exciting moment from this season was being one game away from making the state championship for our division,” Rohlfing said. 

Although playing on a majority male team, Rohlfing fit in perfectly with the team and formed a strong bond with the other players.

“Being one of the few girls that plays hockey with the boys can be hard at times,” Rohlfing said. “However, the bond with my teammates is the best thing ever.” 

The game can be tiring, strategic and aggressive, but for Rohlfing and many hockey fans, that is exactly what makes the sport so appealing.

“I love how rough and fast-paced hockey is,” Rohlfing said. “It’s hard to have a favorite part, but one of the best things is the adrenaline rush on the ice.”

While waiting for the upcoming season, Rohlfing looks forward to reuniting with her teammates. 

“Hockey has brought me a second family,” Rohlfing said, “and given me my best friends.”