WHS students find new sport outside school


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

WHS rugby players place value in teamwork and cooperation for success. “We’re like a big family,” senior Reese Pellin said. “We all get along really well.”

Although WHS offers a multitude of sports throughout the school year, there are some which students participate in elsewhere. One of these sports is rugby, a sport in which the goal is to carry the ball over the opponent’s goal line and force it to the ground to score. 

“I just like it a lot, because it’s a lot different than other sports,” sophomore Trey Fournier said. “It’s got the running of soccer and the hitting of football. It’s kinda all mixed into one. It’s just a fun sport to play.”

While rugby is similar to other sports in some ways, it has its differences that make it unique.

“It’s a lot more physical [than other sports],” senior Reiley Kamper said. “It definitely takes a lot more determination and persistence than a lot of other sports that we have here.”

Other players agree that it differs from other popular sports. 

“It’s definitely a very unique sport compared to other sports,” senior Reese Pellin said. “…I definitely like it a lot more than football… t’s a lot more fun.”

Although the team meets to practice together regularly, members also take time to improve individually between practices. 

“[I do] lots of running, lots of weightlifting, and mental preparation just comes with it,” Kamper said.

Several WHS students play rugby together and have bonded as a team over time. 

“The team is a really solid group of guys. We’re like a big family,” Pellin said. “We all get along really well.”

This bond has helped the team focus on their one common goal: winning their matches. 

“[I enjoy] working together for one goal: to win in the end,” Kamper said, “and making sure we get that job done.”