Singing their solos

Seven choir students sang solos at WHS concert


Photo Submitted by Jade Roettgers

Seniors Emma Hillermann and Kaylie Rowe pose for a picture after their solos at their live concert March 10. “’The Sky Above the Roof’ was my favorite song because it contained lots of range, but it was also more relatable and was more me,” Hillermann said. This will be Hillermann and Rowe’s last year in choir.

On Wednesday, March 10, Washington High School was able to put on their first live choir concert in the CJB theater. Seven choir students, sophomore Madison Broughton, senior Evan Courtaway, senior Sam Duncan, senior Jaden Eckelkamp, senior Emma Hillermann, senior McKenna Jacquin and senior Kaylie Rowe, chose to participate and were able to do so in front of a live audience. These students started picking their songs and practicing in January with choir director Jessie Patterson and pianist Tony Pelsue. 

“I signed up for solos because I did one last year and I got a one and a two [rating, a one is the highest rating], and I was really upset we didn’t actually get to go to state,” Hillermann said. “So I decided to do it this year just because it was my last year.” 

Hillermann sang “Già il sole dal Gange” and “The Sky Above the Roof.” Her favorite piece was “The Sky Above the Roof” because of the range and the message that the song portrayed. Hillermann was able to use her practice times to perfect these songs and, like the other students, was able to continue growing as a singer.

“I did like that I got to sing in a different language because it’s not every day that you learn a new language,” Broughton said.

Singing in another language can be difficult because you have to master the pronunciation and vowels of the words. Broughton, however, was able to overcome these challenges and sing her Latin song, “Amarilli, mia bella.” All of the soloists had to conquer challenges like these and were able to learn from them.

“I wanted to improve my ability to sing,” Eckelkamp said, “and it’s just something that we could do through all the stuff that we can’t with the pandemic.”