How to fix a tunneling candle

If you’ve ever burned a candle before, you might be familiar with an outer rim of wax that never seems to melt along with the rest of the candle. This stubborn outer rim doesn’t let people get the longest burn time out of their candle and they aren’t getting the most out of the product. The ring happens when a candle starts “tunneling” down. 

The main reason for why tunneling might happen is because when the candle is first burned ,it wasn’t allowed to reach all the way around the rim and make an even layer. To prevent tunneling, the most important thing is to let the candle wax melt all the way around the rim before putting it out. If the candle you have is already tunneled, there is a way to fix it before it gets bad.

For this fix, all you need is your tunneling candle, tinfoil and tape.

  • Tear off a section of the tinfoil, just big enough to wrap all the way around the candle.
  • Tape the tinfoil all the way around your candle making sure to “funnel” the tinfoil around the top of the candle and leaving space for it to breath. The funnel will act as a reflector and reflect the heat around the outside of the candle, melting the excess wax.
  • Once the rim of wax is completely melted, you can blow out the candle and enjoy your evened out candle.