Happy, Healthy Life

Students take passion in exercising


Photo by Kaylee Karll

A recently built Planet Fitness, located in Washington, Mo., has been a hot spot for people of all ages to start or continue their fitness journey. “I really enjoy this gym because it is way cheaper than other gyms in town and they have lots of different machines and workout options,” junior Lydia Maune said. “The gym is also fairly targeted for beginners so it was very easy to get started.” Planet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest growing fitness centers in the United States, with at least one location in each state.

Growing up, a lot of children are taught exercise is beneficial to their body. As they get older, it is also usually learned that trying to exercise and juggle school, work or any other part of life can be a struggle. Luckily for some students at Washington High School, with the help of a motivated mentality and making time for themselves, they have found passion in consistently working out.

“I just wanted to better myself as an athlete and person,” junior Jacob Baldwin said. “Now that I’ve been at it for a while, I feel so accomplished.”

Being or feeling accomplished can come from a variety of things at the gym. Most accomplishments are seen after reaching a goal. 

“It’s important to set goals and keep shooting for them,” Baldwin said. “My forever goal is to always stay positive about working out, and to remember why I started.”

For many persistent exercisers, they want to spread the passion by getting their loved ones to join. 

I love getting someone to work out with me,” junior Lydia Maune said. “This is something that helps me stay motivated into going, and makes it a more fun experience.”

All in all, exercise is not only physically beneficial, but it is also mentally beneficial. It can be hard to get started for those that want to, but in the end, it is worth it. 

“Working out is an important aspect of being active, and it motivates you to better yourself over all,” Maune said. “I truly believe that working on yourself in any way is crucial for mental health and self-confidence.”