SDOW prepares for COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Schools in the Washington area are taking the next step to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by administering the Moderna vaccine in a district-wide clinic. 

“The clinic will be at the Blue Jay Gym on April 1 from 8:00 to 1:30,” practical nursing administrator Chris Redd said.

The follow-up dose of the vaccine is planned for April 30. Since this day takes place during the school day, an e-learning day will be implemented for Washington School District students to allow teachers and staff members to get vaccinated. 

“Right now I have about 420 people signed up,” Redd said. “This includes teachers, staff, bus drivers, coaches, custodians, buildings and grounds [workers]; anyone that works for the school district.”

Staff members of the district chose whether or not to get this vaccine as there is no mandate for it. For those who do choose to get it, they will be given the vaccine as safely as possible.

“We are partnering with Sinks Pharmacy to get the vaccine, and the school nurses will work with them to administer the vaccine,” Redd said.

Washington School District employees are not the only ones who are able to come to the clinic. 

“We also included SFB HS (Saint Francis Borgia High School) teachers and staff in our vaccine clinic,” Redd said.

Since Borgia’s high school is on break during the day of the clinic, there will be no scheduling issues for the teachers, staff and students. 

Overall, the more school employees who get vaccinated will hopefully allow for there to be less spread of the virus, and Redd is optimistic for the results that it will bring.

“I am hoping this will help us stay healthy and in school,” Redd said. “I am very excited to get the vaccines out there so we can hopefully go back to some semblance of normalcy again.”