FFA students qualify for state

In April, some of the students in FFA who qualified for a competition based on their Supervised Agricultural Experience Project will be recognized. This opportunity is exciting to these students, but what exactly is this competition?

“Proficiency awards are based on your SAE or your Supervised Agricultural Experience,” junior Abby Loesing said. “Every FFA member has an SAE, or multiple SAEs and can be anything you do related to the field of agriculture. They consist of questions and answers related to what your SAE is, what you do in your SAE and how your SAE is helping you prepare for your future. We take our Proficiency Applications to Area and they get judged. The best Proficiency Application in each category is chosen to go to state to represent our Area and compete at the state level.”

Although it is a great accomplishment when they make it to this competition, it takes some time to prepare for it.

“The preparations are done year round. Monthly I have student document information based on their SAE’s,” FFA instructor Chris Dunard said. “They keep track of hours worked, dollars made, skills learned and activities participated in.”

For some, this is their first time ever competing in this competition. 

“I haven’t done this competition before,” junior Hannah Mauchenheimer said. “It’s my first year filling out an SAE, so I’m really excited to be participating in this competition.”

These students see FFA as more than just a club and try to cherish every moment they have while being in it.

“I enjoy being around other people that I have a similar skill set related to agriculture with,” Mauchenheimer said. “Our projects are very hands-on, which I really like, rather than just doing something on the computer.”

Along with these students being proud of themselves, Dunard is proud of them as well.

“These students are the ones that get recognized for their accomplishments and achievements,” Dunard said. “They are the students that have built the work ethic and responsibility that employers are looking for.”

Those who do FFA recommend it to their peers as well, and continue to enjoy every moment while engaging in these competitions and many more activities with FFA. 

“I think FFA is awesome because there is really something for everyone. There are so many opportunities available through this program, not just while you’re in high school, but for your future as well,” Loesing said. “I’ve met so many people through FFA, not just from Washington High School, but kids from across the state through camps and competitions. These camps and competitions are probably my favorite things about FFA.”