Jaycee Lee Dugard’s “A Stolen Life” portrays a story of survival

The book “A Stolen Life” by Jaycee Lee Dugard tells the true story of Dugard’s abduction at age 11 by a pedophile named Phillip Garrido. I picked out the book as a lover of true crime, but came to learn the story is much more than that. Dugard depicts life in captivity, yet at times, she feels the outside world could be more dangerous. She is forced to birth two children by the age of 17 and raise them in isolation. 

The book is beautifully written and filled with insightful metaphors and connections. After her rescue, Dugard is reunited with her family, and together they participate in therapy with horses. Dugard feels the horses represent herself, and there is beautiful imagery throughout these descriptions. She also connects how she was a slave to her captors to how she feels unable to leave her house after her rescue due to the looming threat of paparazzi and tabloids. 

The book is a survival story, and though most people have not been in Dugard’s situation, her description allows the reader to relate to her feelings and what she went through. While reading, I not only felt empathy but could put myself entirely in Dugard’s shoes. The book is powerful and articulate, and a must-read for any lovers of true crime or survival stories.