Revisiting My Childhood

Recently, I’ve been thinking over the things that consistently make me happy. I discovered that a lot of the things I love doing and redoing are things I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. 

I started baking with my grandma when I was months old, and it still never fails to cheer me up. I think a big part of the joy that comes from baking is the nostalgia it brings. As a kid, I had nothing to worry about. No school assignments, no college essays, no applying for scholarships. Repeating my past hobbies or rewatching my favorite movies from my childhood takes me back to that time when there was no pressure and no responsibilities. When I’m stressed about the next steps in my life (i.e. college), I can watch “The Land Before Time” for the hundredth time,and imagine I’m seven years old again. 

When I’m feeling down, it’s super easy to turn on an old show or whip up some cookies and act like it’s a simpler time.