Summer Bucket List

Blue Jays, this year is FINALLY coming to an end, which means summer! This is a great time to relax, have fun and make great memories. But what should you do during summer? Here is a summer bucket list to help guide you through your summer.

  • Go on a road trip: What’s better than getting away and going on a spontaneous trip?
  • Go hiking: Hiking is so relaxing and is a great way get out in nature
  • Go on a picnic: Yummy food and quality time with friends? Yes, please!
  • Go boating: Spend a nice long day with family on a boat.
  • Attend a drive-in movie: Relax and watch a movie while enjoying a warm evening. 
  • Go to the pool or beach: Soak up some sun while enjoying all the beach has to offer.
  • Watch the sunrise: Wake up early and have an early morning breakfast with friends while watching sun rise.
  • Go thrifting: This is great is you are shopping on a budget. 
  • Go fishing
  • Have a movie night with friends
  • Host a game night: Have loads of fun playing games while spending time with each other.
  • Visit an amusement park: This is a great way to let loose and have fun with your loved ones this summer.

These are just some ideas for an amazing summer with friends and family. Make the best of the time you have and regret nothing! You only live once, so have a great, safe and stress-free summer, Jays!