District Approves Girls Tennis for Fall 2022


Girls tennis was officially added as a sport recently. “It’s a great opportunity for students to get involved,” athletic director Bill Deckelman said. The vote was approved 5-0.

Last week the school board cast a vote at their meeting on whether or not to add girls tennis as a new sport at the high school. The vote was approved 5-0 (Some of the members were not there to vote). A unanimous vote leads to a new sport starting in the fall of 2022 that many students and other members of the school are very excited about.

“Its a great opportunity for kids anytime we can add something new,” Athletic Director Bill Deckelman said.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of interest amongst students in a tennis team and that time has finally come.

“Its been a possibility over the last 5-7 years but it hasn’t worked out financially for the district to say they’re ready to move forward,” Deckelman said, “now the district is in a good position to be able to spend the funds.”

Financially and timing wise, this was the best possible time to begin to start the team up.

“Next week I actually have a meeting where we do our schedules for the following two years,” Deckelman said, “With it being the start of a new two year cycle for scheduling, this year would be infinitely better than doing it at this time next year.”

Everyone involved at the school seems to be on the same page with the new sport.

“I personally think it is another great opportunity for new students to explore new things and find their passion” school board member Matt Wilson said.

He’s not the only one who thinks that.

“Whats great about it is that anytime we can offer something else,” Deckelman said, “That might allow some kids who aren’t currently involved in school, and outlet that they may feel interested in to represent the school and getting that experience.”