Fair 101

The Best Advice for The Washington Town and Country Fair


Photo taken by Brynne Pearcy

The Washington Town and Country Fair is a community event that is cherished by many residents. This year the fair took place on Aug.4 through Aug.8, 2021. Throughout the fair you could find live music, many types of food, carnival rides and livestock animals. There are many things fair-goers should know in order to make their fair experience successful. WHS students gave their advice for the best rides, food, and live performances, as well as what essential items you would need to bring with you. 

Sophomore Jade Jennings says, “The Rock-O-Plane, which is the egg-shaped ride in the back, was my favorite ride because it was really fast paced and gave an adrenaline rush”. The high energy of these rides had everyone excited to be there. Sophomore Hayden Burns had the same favorite ride, but for a different reason. Burns says “It was a solid ten out of ten. The best part about it, definitely gonna have to be, how you can lock it and can do a lot of spins”. Some would say the twirling of your stomach and the spinning of your brain can be a real thrill.

Now when going anywhere, essentials needed can vary from person to person. Jennings essentials are, “A charger, twenty dollars, my phone, and my friends”. Speaking of essentials, another essential needed in every aspect of life is food. At the Washington Town and Country Fair, they provide a variety of foods like chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, fries and an assortment of sweets. 

Burns says, “The best food there was their waffle and ice cream. Whoever made it is a genius. An ice cream bar in the middle of two waffles. It’s amazing”. The rich ice cream and the warmth of the waffle surely had everyone’s mouth salivating. Jennings particularly favored the chicken tenders and fries.

The Washington fair has something for everyone no matter if it’s food or live performances. Burns experienced the ZZ Top performance on Saturday Aug. 7. Burns says, “ZZ Top had great music and it had a great atmosphere. My pal Hunter Bakameyer and I got to stand in the front row. It was crazy”. Now, Live performances aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Jennings didn’t experience any live music, but she was interested in watching the tractor pull. 

Overall, many citizens of the Washington area had an enjoyable experience. The Fair was extremely missed after being cancelled in 2020 due to Covid restrictions. Even though it wasn’t present in the year 2020, the 2021 fair had a great atmosphere among many. Both Burns and Jennings can attest to that.