WHS Reintroduces Creativity Club


For students who have an imaginative nature and want a space at school to express themselves, several senior students have provided that space through the addition of Creativity Club. 

“Me and a group of friends wanted an art club after school, but at the time, there wasn’t one,” senior Olivia Courtney said. 

The club meets after school for one hour every Monday. The club is also sponsored by Mr. Snider, who has been the club’s leader for several years.

“There has been a creativity club in the past years, but they don’t always turn out the best,” senior Cecilia Tornetto said. “People don’t show up, or it slowly dies out…My friends and I were like, guys, let’s make this happen. So we made it happen.”

The club is helpful for students who may not have the opportunity to create at home, due to lack of time or supplies.

“My favorite aspect of the club is being able to use materials for projects that you usually wouldn’t have at home,” Courtney said. “Currently…I am working on improving my skills with ceramics by doing small projects every time I’m there.”

Students have complete freedom over what media they use and how big or small their projects are. 

“Right now, I am currently making a lamp in the shape of a gnome,” Tornetto said.

For students looking to become involved, or for anyone who is in need of a creative outlet, weekly meetings in Room 1317 are a way to meet those needs.

“[I joined because] I love art and I knew a lot of people in the club,” senior Avery Johnson said. “Plus, my senior goal is to always be busy.”

Staying true to its name, Creativity Club places no restrictions on student’s artistic expression.

“I love that the club is an open studio hour, because that means that the opportunities are endless,” Tornetto said. “For myself, this hour after school every Monday is something to look forward to…It’s a therapeutic part to my weekly schedule.”