Adele’s New Album, “30”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

On November 19, 2021 Adele Adkins, also known as Adele, released a new album, “30”, her first album release since “25” in 2015. “30” consists of twelve songs and has a run time of 58 minutes. This album, overall, was a pleasure to listen to.

“30” starts off with a song called “Strangers By Nature”. It is overall not great but still has a good beat. The second song “Easy On Me” is so good, that it has been rated the number one rated new song in Nov. 2021. This song features a bunch of orchestral instruments and sounds, which all together sound luxurious. The third song “My Little Love” features Adele’s child, not through singing but with intersections in the song where they just talk back and forth about Adele’s current feelings. It’s a weird and awkward song, with the talking taking up a majority of the run time. With that being said the next few songs are some of the best on the track.

The fourth song “Cry Your Heart Out” sounds like something from the eighties with the  vocals of “cry your heart out, clean your face,” given this special effect and reverb, making it overall a really strong song. The next few songs, “Oh My God” and “Can I Get It” share a similar feel, with a kind of country, kind of pop beat and rhythm. The seventh, eighth and ninth songs, “I Drink Wine”, “All Night Parking” and “Woman Like Me” respectively, all take a more mellow approach to things with the beat being mostly comprised of an acoustic guitar and piano.

The 10th and 11th songs, “Hold On” and “To Be Loved“, also heavily use pianos and are both pretty slow. Overall, they aren’t bad but they aren’t great either. The twelfth and final song “Love Is A Game” features a multitude of new sounds for this album with the titular chorus being “love is a game for fools to play”. This is a good song due to how the audience can feel the emotion coming from the singer, making the song powerful and emotional.

That concludes the album “30” by Adele. The first few songs personally did not appeal to me but I could see how they would to others. Overall this album was really good and I would recommend it to anyone who would want to listen.