Students shouldn’t be given homework

Students shouldnt be given homework

For many students, eight hours of school time is enough for them to learn everything. Giving homework is not beneficial for students or teachers. Most students are involved in many activities outside of school, so not everyone has that time to fit homework into their busy schedule. 

I believe that homework is not useful and I don’t learn anything from it. Most homework assignments are reviews of what we have learned from that day. I think many students don’t need a review assignment because we already learned about it that day. 

Homework can be time-consuming, allowing students to not have enough time for other extracurricular activities or just time to relax from a long day. Homework can take several hours and if students have activities as well, students don’t have enough time to sleep. 

Getting enough sleep is extremely important for students because without it many of them wouldn’t be able to function properly throughout the day. Students can be so stressed about homework that many of them start to have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. 

The overall stress of homework can be completely overwhelming for students and even parents. Students are starting to learn different ways of doing homework and when a student has a question it’s hard for parents to help them because they don’t understand the question either. Then, there is the stress of not having enough time to get it done and the stress of not getting a good grade on it. All of these worries I have experienced or many others have. I believe students shouldn’t have to worry so much about homework. So, homework shouldn’t be given to students and I think many students would agree with that statement.