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WHS Seniors Throw Out of School Dances


Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Lawyer

Students dance the night away at a Courtwarming 2.0 dance held by Washington High School seniors. “I loved that there was always someone on the dance floor, there was never a dull moment,” sophomore Malayjah Hellebusch said. “Being a freshman in the prime year of COVID, I never got to experience a regular school dance. With these 2.0 dances, I’ve gotten a better insight into how school dances will hopefully look like in the near future.” After two successful dances, seniors have donated over $200 to charities and hope to hold one more event before the end of the school year.

Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year, students of all ages are still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. While numerous school events have been affected with changes, the altercations of high school dances have been the most upsetting to the majority of students. Understanding it’s not the district’s fault, Washington High School seniors have tried to take some action and hold dances outside of school. While still considering legal restrictions, the seniors have successfully held two dances, a “Homecoming 2.0,” and a “Courtwarming 2.0.”
“The 2.0 dances have been so exciting and added a nice normalcy to the school year,” senior Julia Craven said. “I’ve liked how we’ve been able to plan it accommodating typical school rules to avoid any trouble, but also with the spin of a few details.”
The dances have had voluntary parent chaperones along with regulations on who could attend and how many depending on the hall’s restrictions. Tickets were offered to WHS students first and their outside dates if wanted.
“Although the dance was thrown by seniors, they made it possible for people from all grades to attend, which as an underclassmen I really appreciated,” sophomore Malayjah Hellebusch said.
The dances were not only a fun way to get kids together outside of school, but also successful events to help the community.
“After maxing out tickets for both dances for $10 each, we were able to utilize the money for hall rental, a DJ, decorations and drinks to have if anyone wanted. The best part was that each time we had at least a little money left over and it was donated to surrounding charities,” Craven said. “All in all, these secondary dances have been some of the best experiences and I know they have made for great memories during my senior year.”