Wheels or doors


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Recently, social media has asked the question “Are there more wheels or doors on the planet?” which has caused a massive debate, both on and offline, leaving people questioning what the true answer is. Splitting people into “Team Door” or “Team Wheels”, viral TikTok videos and Twitter posts on both sides have been made. 

Team doors argues that there are multiple doors in each building, such as houses, offices, schools, and etc. Additionally, there are doors on vehicles, cabinets, and some even consider drawers. 

Meanwhile, team wheels makes the argument that there are wheels on vehicles, chairs, desks, and etc. They also look at machines such as pulleys and factory conveyor belts.

While I have personally been swayed by TikTok videos on both sides, and have switched teams many times, I have finally decided that my long-term standing is with team wheels. 

Despite the good points that team doors have made, it seems that, overall, there are more wheels than doors. The idea of what counts as a “true” door or wheel may change between personal opinions and teams, there are still multiple reasons I believe that there are more wheels than doors on the planet. 


  1. Toys with wheels
    If you think of Legos and Hot Wheels, both companies produce toys with wheels. An estimated 519 million Hotwheels are produced each year, which would be over two billion wheels produced each year. 
  2. Door Knobs
    While some may not count these as wheels, inside of most doorknobs are

    Photo Courtesy of Enduride

    a wheel and axis, which is used to open up doors. This would cancel out many of the doors with wheels. 

  3. Factory Conveyor Belts
    Many conveyor belts are made up of wheels such as this one (see left). The sheer amount of wheels on one belt would far outnumber the doors in the factory, and surrounding buildings. (Photo courtesy of Enduride)
  4. Vehicles
    Cars generally have four wheels and four doors, but other vehicles often have more wheels than doors. Some examples include: motorcycles, semi-trucks, two-door vehicles, and etc. Additionally, vehicles can have wheels inside of the engine, which would then certainly out-balance the amount of doors on said vehicle.