The Importance of Social Media


For many people, social media is a huge part of our lives. It’s a reflex to wake up and check social media to see what you have missed through the night. Many argue that social media can be harmful mentally for everyone and that’s not necessarily true. Social Media has many great benefits for everyday life, some of these benefits include having any information at your fingertips and it allows communication with others that they don’t see on a daily. 

Social media for many is a way to access information that doesn’t learn in school or just to look for information about what is going on in the world at any given time. Many platforms have many political leaders, for example, allowing people all over to see what they might be doing for their communities. People become aware of what may be happening around them and how it might affect their routines. Social media is a helpful tool in a way of educating people and it allows those people to express their opinion on a certain topic. 

Another benefit of social media is it allows another way of communication. In Washington High School, many students use Snapchat or Instagram to contact each other. These social media platforms create a unique, but fun way to communicate with friends and family. It seems impossible to get every person’s contact information but with social media, it becomes easier. Students may work on a project for school and have a partner that they aren’t as familiar with, so social media allows another connection to happen. 

Does social media have negative aspects? Yes, but I believe that social media does have a positive effect on people as well. Overall, social media is important, especially in our world today and it will continue to grow. People should start looking for those positives so everyone can enjoy social media.