Wow. Senioritis is so real. Sitting here trying to write my last ever high school newspaper story might be the hardest thing I have done all week. The only thing on my mind is graduating next week. Therefore, this blog will be about my burning desire to graduate and a sentimental recap of my high school career. Earlier this week I was working with the kindergarten class I A+ for and they were talking about their kindergarten graduation. They mentioned how they will be graduating in 2035 which absolutely broke my brain. That seems so far away, that I can’t even process that date. However, I realized that is how I felt as a kindergartener in 2009. I thought 2022 was so far away at that time. Now the time has come. It is 2022 and I am graduating next week. As ready as I am to be done with school, I’m not ready to leave all of these memories behind. From kindergarten to senior year there are so many lifelong memories. With my 6th grade graduation being the time of my life. I cried about leaving elementary school while walking down the halls for one last time. Then again leaving middle school. I vlogged my last day in 8th grade and our promotion dance. It was such a fun day and I was so ready for high school to start. Now four years later high school comes to an end. I am so ready for college and being on my own, however, leaving so many people that I have grown up with is heart breaking. I will miss the spirit weeks, football games, student section memories, late night talks in the parking lot, and meeting everyone at the high school when we were bored. WHS you will be missed. It’s been real, until next time!