2022 Retiring WHS Staff

Carla Campbell

Rachel Derner

Washington High School teacher Carla Campbell is retiring after a 17-year career in Special Education. Throughout her time as a teacher, Campbell has been inspired by students’ persistence and ability to overcome challenges. Some of Campbell’s favorite moments as a teacher include seeing students graduate and begin new chapters of their lives.

“I am inspired by students who want to learn but have a disability that causes them difficulties,” Campbell said. 

Reflecting on her career, Campbell emphasized the importance of positivity and kindness in teaching and guiding students.

“‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind,’ is my life lesson,” Campbell said. “Everyone needs to have some kindness shown to them.”

Doug Light

Rachel Derner

After a 46-year career, WHS teacher and coach Doug Light is entering retirement. Though looking forward to having more free time to spend with his grandchildren, Light reflects on his time teaching. 

“I’ll miss being in a classroom with kids and sharing…knowledge,” Light said. 

In addition to teaching social studies classes, Light has coached a wide variety of sports over the years, including football, basketball, track, cross country, and baseball. Over the years, he’s enjoyed working with students and seeing them succeed. 

“Forty-six years…I think back on and it’s just been a blur,” Light said. “When you start out, they always talk about how…the days go by slow and years go by fast, and then you look back it and it’s true.”

Kim Minnich

Rachel Derner

In her 26 years of teaching, Kim Minnich has taught a wide variety of business classes. Minnich was inspired to pursue teaching by her own high school business teacher and has since been motivated through rewarding moments with students and staff.

“I kept going by positive interactions with students,” Minnich said. 

In retirement, Minnich plans to work at Kohl’s full time and looks forward to spending time with her family and dogs.

“My favorite memories are from working with my wonderful co-workers at WHS and being a blue jay for the past 23 years,” Minnich said. 

Mary Rehmeier

Rachel Derner

Mary Rehmeier has been a friendly and familiar face around  Washington High School for nearly twenty years. In her work as a receptionist and secretary, she’s enjoyed getting to better know students and families.

“I’ve always just enjoyed working with the kids a lot,” Rehmeier said. “It’s busy and it’s crazy, and I liked that part of it.”

Looking back on her career, Rehmeier says she’s learned the importance of understanding and supporting students. In retirement, she is excited to spend more time outdoors and with family.

“I have five grandkids and I’m just looking forward to being able to be there with them,” Rehmeier said. “I’m happy just to be able to…enjoy life.”

Angela Schuttenberg

Rachel Derner

Angela Schuttenberg has been working in Special Education at the School District of Washington since 2004. Going into retirement, she plans to spend time caring for family members and looks forward to spending time outside.

In her time teaching, Schuttenberg has enjoyed working closely with students and seeing them overcome challenges. Among her favorite experiences as a teacher include getting to see her students graduate after they worked hard to overcome obstacles. 

“Working in the Life Skills room was incredibly rewarding,” Schuttenberg said. “[Life Skills students] inspired me to try to be my best self every day.” 

Ed Stahl

Rachel Derner

Social Studies Department Chair Ed Stahl is retiring from teaching after 24 years at Washington High School.  Throughout his career, Stahl has valued the importance of connecting with and supporting students. 

“Over the years, I’ve learned that the students are what it’s all about…from helping lead through a bad day to helping one raise their grade to watching them play a sport,” said Stahl. 

Stahl has taught numerous courses, including drama, public speaking, and a variety of history classes. In doing so, he has enjoyed having the opportunity to help students fulfill their potential.

“[Students’] needs, their goals, [and] their possibilities…are the things that have inspired me over the years,” Stahl said.

Kelly Wood

Rachel Derner

After a rewarding, 27-year career English teacher Kelly Wood is retiring to spend more time with family, traveling, and pursuing her hobbies. From a young age, Wood was inspired by her own teachers, parents, and love of reading to become an English teacher. In her 20 years at Washington High School, Wood has fulfilled this passion through guiding students.

“I think what means the most to me as a teacher is…the idea of having this impact on people’s lives in a positive way,” Wood said. 

Though she will miss connecting with students, Wood is looking forward to retirement. She plans to spend more time traveling, gardening, writing and connecting with her four daughters and three grandchildren.

“I’m hoping that…the people that I’ve encountered over my career have been able to be better people be successful in their lives because of something they learned in my classroom,” Wood said.