Planet Fitness offers student summer gym pass


Photo Courtesy of Planet Fitness

According to the CDC, less than 15 percent of teenagers were meeting the recommended daily physical activity levels during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the newly opened gym in Washington, Planet Fitness, has a summer deal to help with this issue: a free summer gym pass for high school students (ages 14-19). 

The offer allows students to sign up at “”. After that, select the “sign up” button. Then, choose a gym to get the pass at as the summer pass will only allow free access to one gym. It requires the user to put in information about themselves, such as email and phone number, then asks for the parent to provide similar information as well as sign a consent waiver if the student is under 18. Then, it will email a confirmation link to the student and ask that they download the app to get a code into the gym. 

The summer pass lasts from May 16th to August 31st, allowing students from different areas with different summer break lengths and times to use the gym. The app and website resources also provide free workout examples and routines for those going to the gym to use to help maximize their workout time.

Along with giving students workouts and free gym access, the summer pass also places students into a drawing to win a scholarship award of 500 dollars per state and a grand prize winner in the U.S. with a 5,000 dollar scholarship. 

Normally, this type of access would cost around 10 dollars a month, not including access to group fitness classes within the gym (which the summer pass offers) which would help to save students roughly around 40 dollars (not including any extra start-up fees or classes). This rare opportunity is a great way to help students work out and save money.