A Personal Look in the mind of Artist Emma George: A Senior at Washington High School

Art has potential to be incredibly impactful on the person you become. More often than not artists use art as an expression of their thoughts and feelings, however some people don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing. 


“Art has impacted my life in negative in positive ways. On one hand, it has given me a creative outlet to express my emotions. On the other hand, it can be a stressor if I don’t get something the way I wanted it because of my perfectionist mindset.” Senior Emma George said. 


Oftentimes, people want to be able to draw and express themselves. However, life can get in the way. Sometimes it’s a problem with time and simply not having it.


 “I do not make time for art. If I have time I will do it. If I do not have time, I simply will just not do it,” George said. “With school and life sometimes it’s a burden rather than a release.” 


Sometimes it’s the fact that you might not be very good at it. Despite Youtube having endless tutorials, art isn’t necessarily something you can learn. Art is different for everyone, and you can learn how to sharpen your skills, however very seldom can you perfect anything. 


“The debate on whether or not you can teach someone to be good at art is controversial. There are natural born artist as there are natural musicians and athletes,” George said. “You can teach someone skills to become better and exercising those skills will always help you maintain those skills. Your determination is your limit on whether or not you can be taught anything.” 


Whether one considers themselves good at art or not, many people find joy in doing it. Some even find that they want to turn it into a career. Though that topic can be arguable, becoming an artist as a career is very common nowadays. There’s several classes and programs at WHS that help prepare you for your future as an artist.

 “I recommend taking intro to visual design, AP Studio Art, and drawing,” George said.  “For me I use art for job material by selling it. I make art prints, do art commissions, Etc. It gives me an opportunity to work on my entrepreneur skills.”


George has personally been drawing since 2017, and she originally used it as a method to escape. There are hardly enough words in the English language to describe how one feels so sometimes the only thing one can do is draw, and that’s precisely what she did. 


Drawing can be as simple as a hobby, or it can be much more. If one decides to take anything away from this, know that art is in the eyes of the beholder. Art has no concrete definition and can be interpreted however you see fit. 


“Art has personally always been my outlet, emotions are hard for me to verbally express, I’m a visual person” George said. “Additionally, I like to see what my strengths are, it’s satisfying to see.”