A+ Tutoring at Washington High School


Photo courtesy of Cal Poly Physics

If you are an attendee of Washington High School or Middle School, in some of your classes you may have noticed that there are some students that help out the teacher directly. These students are A plus tutors, students that are there to assist other students with assignments if they get stuck or help the teacher with tasks that they need to get done around the classroom.

The A plus program, for those who aren’t familiar, allows students to help out past teachers that they liked as well as giving them the opportunity to assist other students with problems that they are suited to help with.

“A plus definitely helps you to push out of your shell a bit because you to have to be able to talk to people you most likely have never met before and offer help,” said junior Abby Meyer, “You have to be able to rethink your explanations too, because what may work for one person, won’t [work] for another.”

A plus students also get college credit for participating in the program, along with being able to help students out in subjects that the tutor themselves is interested in.

“I was just interested [in A plus] because; [you get] free college for two years, [and] it kind of looks nice like ‘Oh look at me I can be smart and help kids out’…” said junior Jobe Weber.

The tutors also get to participate in class activities held in the classes that they choose to tutor for.

“So far my favorite was when I spray painted two styrofoam hands,” Meyer said, “It’s very rare for me to be bored while I’m there.”

Overall students that participate in the A plus program get more experience in a field they would want to go into, simply by acting as a helping hand to a class that they might have enjoyed in the past. Current tutors for the most part recommend joining the A plus program, if not for the enjoyment of helping others then because of the college credit.

“ … If you can A plus for your favorite teacher, that doubles the fun,” Meyer said, “A plus is my favorite hour this year. It’s a nice breath of fresh air between my other classes.”