WHS Student Section Acquires New Senior Leaders


Gabrielle Lindemann

The Flock leaders (front) cheer on the Washington Blue Jay Varsity football team against Holt for “Hick Night” on September 8th, 2022. “We all come up with [theme] ideas that haven’t really been done before,” said Inman.

The Washington High School student section, known as The Flock among students, have replaced last year’s members with eight excited and enthusiastic new leaders for the 2022 and 2023 athletic year.

“This year we are hoping to bring The Flock to a different level,” said Senior Brayden McColloch. “We want to show [Blue Jay Pride] at WHS sporting events across the board.” The Flock does not just appeal to seniors, it grasps the attention of the whole student body to come to sporting events and support WHS’ athletes.

“We try to encompass all teams and encourage everyone from every grade to come support,” said Senior Emma Briggs. “We believe that when there is a student section, our players feel more excited about their performance.” With the leaders being both extroverted and bold, this is an easy task to accomplish.

Members of The Flock bounce between their own responsibilities and The Flock to support their peers with cheers, themes, and ways for other students to get involved outside of school. However, this can pose a challenge due to some leaders of The Flock being involved in sports themselves and games occurring at the same time. Seniors Myla Inman and Emily Bruckerhoff are both on the WHS Varsity Softball team.

“If I have a sports game, it’s hard for me to get to a volleyball game if I’m at a softball away game,” said Inman. Even so, they always manage to get ready on the way to the game just in time to lead the student section.

“If we are going to be late, we still participate in the themes… so it is challenging,” said Bruckerhoff.

Just as the members before them, the current Flock leaders will choose who they believe will be a good fit as the next section captains.

“[The Flock leaders are looking for] Blue Jay pride,” Senior Ella Kroter said. “[As well as] being loud and outgoing so they can get everyone to cheer.” These are important characteristics the members from next year must have in order to be picked.

The history of the student section leaders span across many groups of individuals who have created traditions that still last today. These include being active around school with Tyrese (the mascot) coming to events, the school song, uplifting chants, as well as promoting belonging and boosting morale. “Traditions are the ultimate form of school spirit,” McColloch said. “The Flock is the best way to pass them down.”