Jaywalkers Dance Team Receives State Board


Jaywalkers Dance Team receives state board at the Sep. 2 football game.

The Jaywalkers Dance Team ended their season with a bang last school year with their performances at state, awarding them a state board. They brought two routines, a pom dance to a Lady Gaga mix and a high kick routine to Crazy Train, and got first place in High Kick and fifth place in Pom. All of their points combined awarded them with fifth place overall in State. 

“Last year at State was the very first time since COVID that we were able to perform live at a state competition.” senior Isabella Fitzgerald said. “So there was a lot of pressure on us to do our best because we couldn’t take videos, there wasn’t do overs.” The team was presented with the board at the first home football game on Sept. 2. 

“It felt like our hard work finally was being recognized by the student body, the parents, anyone who came to support our football team.” Fitzgerald said. “It was enlightening.” 

Three of the graduated seniors, Alyssa Prewitt, Ava Kelly, and Emma Lock were able to come back for the board presentation, while Natalie Oesterly attended through FaceTime. 

It was so exciting because I got to see all my friends and we got to be together as a team one last time.” Last year’s senior Alyssa Prewitt said about what it meant to return to WHS to accept the board. Getting this board means that the Jaywalkers have gotten a state board two years in a row. 

“[Getting a board two years in a row is] an amazing feeling, seeing all of our hard work in writing.” Fitzgerald said. 

Fitzgerald looks forward to this year’s dance season.

“[People] are more than welcome to come and watch us perform at any basketball games, football games, or competitions we have.” Fitzgerald said. “We love the support.”