Flo Rida Fair Day


Photo submitted by Emilia Narup

Those who attended the Washington Town and Country Fair Had the chance to experience completely new this year, the main act for the week being rapper and singer, Flo Rida.  He performed Saturday, Aug. 6 at the fairgrounds, students at Washington High School watched the show, many being in the pit for the performance. Students who saw the concert in the VIP section had a lot to say about their experience.

“At some points, it didn’t feel like a concert, it felt like a 21+ party.  It was very different from other concerts I’ve been to, I went to an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert in July which was super chill and mellow because there were a lot of old people there,” said Sophomore Brock Thompson, “ Then the Flo Rida concert was crazy… It was pretty wild.”  He had the opportunity to go on stage with Flo Rida and the other performers.

The coolest thing that happened at the concert was “Going on stage and dancing with Flo Rida.” said Thompson. 

Throughout the concert, the artist traveled through the crowd, pulled people on stage, took videos on fans’ phones, and gave items out to the crowd. “I got a rose… Getting the rose was hard because there were grown women’s hands above my head but I just took it.” said Junior Emelia Narup.

Though the concert was a success, students did not have high expectations before it started.  

“I expected the concert to not be that good because he has songs with a lot of other people, so I thought it would be hard for him to perform a lot of his music,” said Sophomore Ava Staples.

“I thought it was going to be dog, I thought it would be awful.  I hadn’t heard of him in a while so I was like What if this guy is absolute dog.” said Narup.

Regardless of the low expectations, the concert left fans happy with the Washington Town and Country Fair for branching out with a new act, with many students loving it.  “It was a pretty good concert, Flo put on a pretty good show,” said Narup.