“Don’t Worry Darling…” Or Should You?


Photo submitted by Don’t Worry Darling Movie

Director Olivia Wilde’s second film, “Don’t Worry Darling,” stars actress Florence Pugh and singer Harry Styles. While Harry Styles is not known for being an actor but rather a flamboyant pop singer, this movie was one of his breakthrough roles. 

“I loved that Harry Styles was in it. [He] was definitely a good bonus. The movie [would have] still been good without him, though,” senior Gabbi Ziglin said.

While the actors were a questionable choice, the plot proved to be the same. The audience is unaware of the bigger picture while dark undertones set the scene. At the very end, the story line is eventually pulled together and explained.

The movie is centered around Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles), a classic 1950’s couple living in Victory, California. Alice does the cleaning and cooking while Jack leaves for his vaguely explained job at Victory Headquarters and comes home around five to a freshly made dinner.

It isn’t until Alice sees mysterious plane crashes and unexplained visions that she begins to think their lives are far from simple.


Jack receives a promotion from his job by his dubious boss, Frank (played by Chris Pine), and they celebrate with a dinner at Alice and Jack’s house. Upon arrival, Alice intends to expose what Frank is doing with the “Victory Project;” however, Frank gaslights her and the guests into believing she is wrong with her assumptions.

Later, it is revealed that the “Victory Project” is an online simulation created by Frank that Jack forced Alice to join in order to leave their far-from-perfect life where they struggle to make ends meet.

“I initially didn’t like the ending,” Ziglin said. “But after thinking about it more, it made sense with the plot and how the movie was filmed. I would rate the movie an 8/10.”