Concerts in October


Submitted by Deven Yeary

Concerts are a huge part of countless students’ lives in the modern age. They allow people to connect with their favorite musicians and meet new people that enjoy the same music as them. It can also be exceptionally meaningful because of something from the past.

“The Violent Femmes is what my dad would play in the car when I was little,” said senior Deven Yeary. 

They attended their concert on Oct. 2 at the Pageant in St. Louis. Yeary went to several concerts this month, of which their favorite was Conan Gray.  “I liked [Conan Gray’s] concert because it was a venue I hadn’t been to before, and I went with my friends,” said Yeary. 

Conan Gray is a pop musician who recently released his second full-length album, “Superache.” His concert was held at the Factory in Chesterfield, a new venue that opened last year. Concerts are often used as a reason to dress up and express yourself in a way you wouldn’t normally be able to, as attendees are with people who share similar tastes as them. 

“My outfit was my favorite velvet red pants and then like a black turtleneck,” said Yeary. “I got a shirt and put that over it as well.” 

On the contrary, some people don’t dress up at all. “I just wore jeans and a T-shirt honestly,” said senior Oz Parker. 

They attended a Five-Finger Death Punch concert. The band makes what Parker calls death metal. The concert was at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on Oct. 8. 

“It was very lively,” said Parker. “There were people like jumping around and stuff.” 

Concerts can be very overwhelming, loud, and wild. “Bring earplugs,” said Yeary, “Know that you’re going to get overstimulated, even if you have a lot of fun.” 

They recommended telling your ride that you’ll need a quiet drive home and several other self-regulation techniques for when someone is feeling overwhelmed. “Having a personal plan after a concert is really important, it’s all about what you need,” said Yeary. 

You cannot enjoy live music without feeling safe, so have a plan for both before and after the concert.

Concerts are a thrilling and fantastic experience whether with friends, family or just yourself. Live music is so unique and raw, it’s unlike anything other. Being able to listen in person strengthens the bond between the audience and the performer. It also connects the participants with the past, future, and present. Music is meant to be seen live, so why not enjoy it?