Why this Year’s Flu is hitting hard, And How to Prevent It

Photo Courtesy of Charts by Emily Barone from TIME

Photo Courtesy of Charts by Emily Barone from TIME

This years flu virus came early and is hitting harder than ever, and in turn it is insanely important to protect the public that has compromised immune systems. This is the first time in almost 2 years, since Covid, that there have been this many cases of the Flu. This is scary news.


According to Alice Park with TIME, “Health data company IQVIA has been analyzing data from insurance claims filed by doctors’ offices, hospitals and urgent care centers in the country for three decades, and focused on case trends over the previous year…” Park said, “Even before flu season began, back in spring 2022, cases of influenza began trending well above average for the past three years, reaching nearly 950,000 cases weekly by mid-October (compared to around 400,000 at the same time in 2019, just before the pandemic began).”


This is severely troubling news, and this news calls for some cautions so to ensure your safety. There is some safety precautions below that may help, so as to prevent getting hit hard with this years flu. 


It is recommended that everyone should always test twice, it is never a bad idea to be too sure.


According to Jessica Brown from WCVB Boston New’s Leader, “‘Single, rapid flu testing that’s negative does not exclude influenza,’ said Dr. Todd Ellerin, director of Infectious Diseases at South Shore Health.  Just like COVID-19, Ellerin said two rapid tests are needed if you want to feel more confident that you don’t have the virus.’”


It is also recommended to vaccinate in order to prevent hospitalization because of the flu. Vaccination help prepare your body for battle against certain illnesses. To prevent from having extreme symptoms one should look into getting the flu vaccine and even getting your Covid booster shot!


Wearing masks works against the flu. It’s always good to have a last resort in your pocket. In current time its normalized to wear masks, especially during flu season. Depending on someones individual risk many people choose to wear a mask when you so please.


During Covid, flu rates dropped significantly because everyone was social distancing, wearing masks and heavily sanitizing everything. Everyone went into such a protective mode for Covid, but not giving the flu the same treatment. 


During Covid, Flu rates went down because everyone was practicing extreme hygiene precautions. Although the common, Flu and Covid are two different things, yet they are both spread the same way. Because everyone was so cautious with Covid, they were also unintentionally cautious with the Flu. Practicing the precautions done during 2020 Covid time will help prevent the Flu.