WHS Heads to the Wild West


Winter pep assembly emcees, Austin Gober (left), Madeline Grimes (middle), and Emily Bruckerhoff (right), get students excited for the upcoming winter sports season. “We have fun music to go with [the assembly] that way people can really remember the sports,” Brickel said.

The winter pep assembly was held on Wednesday, Nov. 16 2022 to highlight winter sports seniors and get the student body excited for the upcoming winter sports season with western-themed games. The assembly, put on by WHS Student Council, recognized seniors in cheer, dance, girls and boys basketball, girls and boys wrestling and girls swimming.

“Each time we have a pep assembly, we make sure all of the seniors walk onto the gym floor,” Student Council President and pep assembly emcee, Lily Brickel, said. “We announce their names [and] we have fun music to go with it, that way people can really remember the sports.”

One of the sports, girls basketball, has three seniors who were mentioned in the pep assembly to remember their time in the sport.

“I love the way they highlight seniors at the pep assembly. It’s amazing that we have an assembly to showcase all of our winter sport athletes, but have a special moment for our seniors,” said senior basketball player, Gabrielle Lindemann. “After four years of hard work, I like how we separate our leaders out and present them to the school. Getting to walk out and see everyone in school looking at you, supporting you, it’s a special experience.”

Not only does the assembly mention respected and distinguished sports seniors, there are also games and activities involved to bring up the excitement. This year, Student Council has implemented themes into the assemblies to get the students even more involved. This winter pep assembly’s theme was “Wild West.”

“I think we do a good job of bringing the school together and making them have fun,” Brickel said. “This year, we added themes, which has been pretty cool.”

The games included bobbing apples and riding tricycles through obstacle courses.

“The games are always fun because people do raise their hands and want to be a part of it,” said senior emcee, Emily Bruckerhoff. “It always adds a fun [activity] for our athletes.”

A lot goes into the planning in order to get the students engaged.

“First, we do an outline of everything we need to cover, what games we want to play, and then we write out a script,” Brickel said.

This pep assembly, the accents and theme of the Wild West engaged students with southern lingo, games, and prizes.

“I like the themes because we did a country accent for the western theme,” Bruckerhoff said.

The assemblies will only get better and better as Student Council comes up with more themes, games, and exciting new prizes to hand out.

“We’ve gotten a lot of comments that this is the best pep assembly [the students] have seen in their high school career,” Brickel said.