WHS Staff Competes in a Thanksgiving Pie Contest


Before The Advocate staff went on Thanksgiving break, they were judges for a WHS staff pie contest. The staff was able to sign up to make the best pie they could and have a chance to win. The Advocate hosted the contest on Nov. 18 during the class period. 

All staff that participated in the contest brought their pie and then the judges started the tasting once the bell rang. The judges had six pies to grade on the following: presentation, taste and texture. At the end of the tasting, the judges totaled an average score for each pie. Finally, the judges turned in their score sheets. When all the scores were tallied, the judges wanted to play a guessing game on who they thought made each pie. At the end of the game, the judges were amazed by the staff who decided to participate. 

Now, the judges picked a first, second, and third-place winner. In third place was the Cookie Butter Pie made by Tim Zumsteg. Following in second place was the Best Apple Pie Ever made by Samantha Loepker. Finally, in first place was the Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie made by Katelyn Huber. 

The judges were beyond pleased with all the pies, especially our winners. 

“I’m a big fan of peanut butter bananas and I liked that the pie wasn’t too sweet, but [I also liked that there] wasn’t an overwhelming amount of peanut butter,” said junior Maddy Henderson. 

The whole Advocate staff was very excited about participating in this event and they can’t wait to have the tradition continue throughout the future. And to all the participants, The Advocate thanks you for allowing us to host this event.