Best Light Displays in Washington


Danielle Newhouse

A house in Washington decked out with lights.

One of the best things at Christmas time is driving at night and seeing houses lit up with light displays in their yard. I drove around the town of Washington and found a few of the best neighborhoods or house’s light displays.

The first neighborhood was Windy Hills. This was a good one to drive through because almost every house had at least a little something up for Christmas. It was nice to drive through because there was a good variety between lights and blow up Christmas figures, and lots of different color light themes.

If you’re downtown, you might take time to drive down High Street, because while the amount of houses that have lights are a little spotty, the ones that do look very cool.

Another Wash Mo Christmas staple is the giant Christmas star on the side of Mercy Hospital, along with the Christmas wreaths all around downtown.

Wishwood was another street that had lots of lights on the top of the houses. Each house with lights had a clear color theme and looked very clean.

If you’re driving down East Third street, while you won’t be overwhelmed with lights, there is one house that will stand out. It is completely lit with lights from top to bottom, including having lights on the ground. They had many character Christmas themed blow ups in their yard as well. 

A drive through the Stone Crest neighborhood would be a good idea, as there are many streets with a decent amount of lights to look at. Since the entrance to this subdivision is high up you can see the neighborhoods blocks down, and see all the house lights from high up, which is a very cool view. 

One particular street in this subdivision is called Mountain Crest, and it has a house completely decked out with lights and displays. It has trees and screens that light up to music when you connect to a radio station. Overall, that house is one that compels you to pull over to look and listen for a while. 

Finally, there are a few streets right next to each other, named Meadow, Dawn, Valley, and Monty View, which all have a decent amount of lights to where you see a lot driving through them all. This is one of the more consistent areas for the amount of lights you see. 

All of these places have good lights outside if you want to drive to see lights at night, to get into the Christmas spirit, and maybe get some ideas for your lights next year.