Bored Over Break?

Bored Over Break?

Winter break is here, and with all that extra time, countless activities can be enjoyed. The holidays are fantastic, but I find myself looking for ways to spend time between them, so I compiled a list of things I like to do in the wintertime when I am feeling a bit down. I hope you enjoy these fun activities as much as I do.


Cookies and Cocoa: 

Baking cookies is a wonderful year round activity, and that doesn’t change in the wintertime. From gingerbread to cranberry and white chocolate, there are plenty of festive cookie options to bake with family and friends. Though cookies are great on their own, why not have a drink to dunk them in? Hot chocolate is fabulous for warming up after some time out in the snow and to dunk cookies in. Put some marshmallows and peppermint on top for some added flavors. There is nothing quite like eating cookies and cocoa while the snow falls outside the window. Put on a soft sweater and enjoy the hard work it took to bake those cookies. 


Christmas Light Drive: 

This time of year, people all over are decorating their homes for the holidays, which includes beautiful Christmas lights. Just a drive through a neighborhood is like walking through an art gallery this time of year. The extent to which people decorate their homes in the wintertime is wonderful, as they always know how to make their houses works of art. Christmas lights are beautiful with or without company, go enjoy those lights.


Movie Night:

Movies are always a hit, so as the winter season kicks off and holiday movies come into circulation, a movie night with friends and family is always a fantastic idea. Some movies that my family enjoys every year are “The Grinch,” “White Christmas” and “National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation.” Whether on a streaming service, a DVD or even a VHS tape, movies are always a great bonding experience. Cozy up on the sofa with fluffy blankets, some popcorn and enjoy a classic movie with loved ones to escape the cold this winter.