Snow days are the Best Days


This is Jade Jennings’ dog playing in the snow when SDOW had a snow day. Photo submitted by: Jade Jennings

As soon as the snow sticks, students look out the window and hope their parent’s phone ring to hear they have a snow day. Once they have their free day, many have exciting ideas for passing the time. 

“I love sitting by the fireplace and hanging out with my animals on a snow day,” said junior Jade Jennings. 

Snow days allow family and furry friends to spend time together, but they can also be used for some relaxation. 

“On snow days I love to sit in bed and read all day,” said, Pacific high school student Abby Brown.

With being stuck in the house for a day, students are able to watch some of their favorite shows. 

“I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy or an action movie when I’m not able to go outside,” said Jennings. 

For some students, watching shows is great, but picking a movie is even better. 

“On snow days I love to watch a Hallmark movie, even though they can be really cheezy it’s exciting to watch,” said Brown. 

Snow days have many benefits, but they can also come with negative aspects as well. 

“I hate how cold it is on snow days and I usually can’t leave my house because of the dangerous roads,” said Jennings. 

When students have a free day, they tend to usually want to spend it with others to make the day a little more fun. 

“The only thing I hate about snow days is that I can’t see my friends and I feel locked up in the house all day,” said Brown. 

Although snow day has its positives and negatives, the day gives students a break from school.

“It’s nice being able to have a day to myself, “ said junior Alex Fregalette. “Having a break from school work and important due dates makes the day more enjoyable.”